Question Need help with Memory!


Oct 1, 2016
Hello folks!, i hope your week has been good to you all!.

Just curious if anyone can help me pinpoint an issue with my RAM?.

the System is as follows: i9-9900k
ASUS Maximus Hero Xi Wifi
G.Skill TridentZ 3600mhz
ASUS RTX 2070(non super)
WD M.2 for OS, Kingston SSD for games.

My issue started about a week after i put the machine together. I was gaming away having fun when all of a sudden!, BLUE SCREEN!. I followed the error code to no avail.
Rebooted and started to play again thinking it was just something stupid windows did. Another blue screen, this time with a different game all together. Whipped my phone out and caught the QR code with my camera and it showed me absolutely no info.

Figured i would do some searching online. Did a Memtest. No errors. Did Memtest on each individual stick. No errors.

Now. i figured i would try to do some game tests with the memory in different configs. XMP off,1 and 2. Then 1, 2, 3 and 4 sticks. It would not crash with only the two Sticks in the normal dual channel setup with XMP2 on.

Now after a few months of no issues, i decided to update my BIOS and such, thought.. Why not try all 4 again?.. As soon as windows loaded?, Blue Screen.

Downloaded BlueScreenViewer and it came up with a ntoskrnl.exe error. But i have (at this point) installed and updated Windows 10 about 25 times in the last few months with the testing.

Currently, the system is back in the standard dual channel setup with XMP2 on.

What could i be dealing with?, a possible bad DIMM?.

Thanks for your time! <3
So either pair of two sticks works fine? Have you tried a lower DRAM Frequency like DDR4-3200 to see if full slots has a problem?

Try a BIOS reset, reapply settings and see if it can work better. If not, send them in for RMA. You mentioned they were working fine so either something happened and they are bad now or there are some changes such as in BIOS that are causing a problem.