Question Need help with MSI Optix G27C Monitor

May 8, 2019
Never had this issue or any other issue with this monitor up until now. Recently, after a Windows 10 update had completed, the HDMI port on my graphics card (MSI Geforce GTX 1060 Gaming X 6GB) stopped working with my monitor. Can no longer get a signal with the HDMI and have tried multiple cables. As a temporary solution, I am using a DVI-to-HDMI cable as we speak in the same HDMI port. When looking at my display settings, they show my monitor as a Generic PnP Monitor which wasn't the case before and I can no longer set my refresh rate to 144hz, only 60hz is an option. I have un-installed the recent Windows 10 updates that may have caused this but no luck. Also I have already tried updating all my drivers and going through every step by step solution to fix the "Generic PnP monitor" issue. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED.
Apr 30, 2019
So the option to go back to a previous version is no longer available because my PC was updated more than 10 days ago haha :D
Aw no :( sorry to hear that. Do you have a windows restore point at all? Or worst comes worst, the ability to do a fresh install of Windows?