[SOLVED] Need help with multiboot USB Drive

May 22, 2019
So I have this thing I don't understand yet. I mounted Gparted on my USB drive and sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn't. There are two boot options and one of them does not work, but that's the option that I would've prefered to work, because I want to make a multibootable drive.

The normal option is the functional one. I understand that's like the goto boot option or something.

And then there's the UEFI, which is the one I would've hoped for to work, because that's the type of boot option you get when you partion a drive. I do know however that you need to give a partition the boot flag for it to pop up in the boot menu, but that still didn't work either.

This is all being done on Gparted, but I'm going to test this out with other OSs in the meantime.

Thanks in advance!


Technically having a USB drive act as a multiboot device is moot since Windows Media Creation Tools formats the entire USB drive every time you create a bootable installer using that app/tool. You should ideally have a number of drives if you plan to have multiple OS installers, just to keep the hair on your head intact.

^ I'm telling you this from suffering with trying to make a multiple boot USB drive myself only to just go with the standard route and I have 4 USB drives handy for each OS out there.