Question Need help with my setup with these PSU SLOTS.

Jan 26, 2021
Hi yall, first time on this forum.

got a quick Q for the more experienced people here.

my set up is as follows:

1000w EVGA RMX : View:

gpu: 3080 msi trio

The problem is that, this gpu has 3 x (6+2) PCIE slots and from the pic of my psu, I only got 6.

I was looking into getting the same model of the gpu, but that leaves me no where to pug in the 8 pin for my cpu.

Is there something I can do with the 10 pin at the bottom right of the pic or is my other option to just get another model of the 3080 with 2x(6+2) instead of 3?

Thank you!

p.s. I understand sli does not work for these cards and these cards are just for mining at a hobbyist level.


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Your problem is, you don't know what PSU you have.

EVGA does not make an RMx. Corsair makes an RMx.

Plus, you're probably not going to find a lot of these gamers wanting to help you with your mining operation, since most of them can't even get a single card for gaming with anymore.
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