Question Need Help with my WiFi

Jun 22, 2019

I have a D-link Dir-825 and a 100mbps down 100 mbps up fiber optic connection.

The router is brand new. But, even from 6 metres away (behind a closed door), even though the signal i am getting is 5 bars, the connection is unstable in certain instances.

I can watch movies and browse just fine, youtube etc, but games like league of legends are disconnecting constantly.

IN GAME i am fine, once i get there. not really much ping spike and no real disconnections to speak of. After the game pretty much 90% of the time I get disconnected from the client (cant even get to post game lobby). Before starting a game I will disconnect 3/5 times when joining a normal que within 2-3 minutes and if its a 20 minute que I can get to about 10 minutes remaining before getting disconnecting and having to 'exit'.

My router config page is facing a similar issue. When I get to it and try to change settings or something, or even just idle there, every 30 seconds - 1 min it will show the notification in the image that indicates that the connection with the router has been interrupted.

I tried a software called Star Trinity CST which shows the stability of the connection in terms of uptime and PL and got like 97% uptime and low packet loss.

So im not sure what the issue is or how to fix it.

plz help



Dec 24, 2013
Try updating the firmware and see if that helps resolve the issue. If it doesn't, you should contact D-Link customer support and see if they will replace it for you or help you troubleshoot the issue in more detail.

You may have just gotten a defective router. It's a bit annoying to ship it back, but if it fixes the issue, it's worth it :)