Need help with new AMD build! Advise needed!


Dec 1, 2012

So I decided that it is now about time to upgrade my 5 year old computer to something new. I live in France. This build needs to be aound 600 euros (around $780-$800). I will be buying this month and I would appreciate suggestions for builds. The parts I have are the: Keyboard and mouse.
This build needs to include an OS and a monitor! I have been doing research for what kind of computer I wanted to buid and have decided to go with AMD(so please do not tell me to go with Intel). I'd also prefer the newer AMD CPU's because they're cheaper for 6 cores and more Ghz. This system will be used for mainly Videogames and Video editing. I will be mostly playing minecraft, Skyrim, Portal 2, and games on Steam; would like to be play these games on the highest setting possible while running fraps(atleast with minecraft and Steam games). Because I live in France sites like Newegg will not ship to me. In France the main sites I have found for parts are:
(if you have any better or cheaper websites, please feel free to add on)
I have already tried to make a prebuild set that consist of:

CPU-AMD Processeur FX 6100 Black Edition 6 coeurs 8 Mo Socket AM3+ €104 (

PSU- Alimentation ANTEC High Current Gamer Series - HCG 520W - 80+ Bronze €52.52 (

RAM-Mémoire Kit de 2 Barrettes CRUCIAL DDR3 PC3-12800 - 2 x 4 Go (8Go) 1600 MHz - CAS 9 - Ballistix Sport €29.99 (

Case-ADVANCE X11 €39.90 (

Mother Board-GIGABYTE 970A-DS3 €66.99 (

Disk Drive-LG GH24xNS90 €15.69 (

Thermal Paste-Arctic MX-2 Pâte thermique pour refroidissement PC 4 g €5.33 (

OS-Windows 7 Pro SP1 OEM 64-bit - 1 poste- €75 (

HDD-WESTERN DIGITAL - Caviar Blue - 500 Go - 7200 tours - SATA 6Go/s - 16 Mo cache €51,77 (

GPU- SAPPHIRE AMD Radeon HD7770 GHZ Edition €94.90 (

Final price: €536.09
This leaves around €65 for a screen,but for that I could throw in another €35 for a decent screen
I would like to maybe upgrade CPU to a Fx-6200 or have a 2GB Video Card or also upgrade to a 1TB HDD, if the budget allows it. If you have any questions please ask.

Any build suggestions or revisions or better price or even a better PC build, it would be very appreciated! Also thankyou for all your help!(even from before I posted here, I used this site for alot of referencing, advise, and price comparision! Thank you!)


Mar 29, 2008
The only monitor I can recommend i this one that might fit your budget. ViewSonic VX2250wm-LED Black 21.5" 5ms Full HD LED Backlight LCD monitor Slim Design 250 cd/m2 DC 10,000,000:1 (1,000:1) w/Speakers. Do not know if it is listed on any of your sites, since I can not read French.