Need help with new server build - Budget $ 4-5,000



Need help with new server build - Budget $ 4-5,000

Would someone be able to tell me what my best server computer configuration would be. My budget is 4-5 thousand.
Im going to be running gaming servers on it. (Quite alot of them)

Im looking for something with dual processors, and TONS of ram. Im pretty sure i dont need any good gfx card right? Whats my best server setup?

Can you please use:

I'd probably start here, with a dual socket 1366 based Xeon rig....

comes w/ onboard video, 3 LAN ports, up to 48 GB of Registered RAM....

If this is just a gaming server (hardly mission/data critical), you might opt for simply an i7/X58 based 4/6 core single cpu at substantially less cost, but similar performance....

Dual socket Hex core based processor/systems seem VERY expensive for the mission at hand....

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