Question Need help with nzxt product ecosystem and fan installation.

Feb 16, 2020
How do I setup aer rgb 2 fans with a smart device v2 in a nzxt h510 elite (including daisy chaining) on a nzxt n7 z390? Having a bit of trouble understanding this since I want to buy a pc but not understanding the rgb fans and nzxt ecosystem properly. I know this a very specific case but how do I do this? Could someone help ( pics would be appreciated, thnx
The case comes with the Smart Device V2 unit, and there are several connections to make for it. It has one cable that must plug into a SATA power output connector from the PSU for power to this unit. It has another cable that must go to a mobo USB2 header, and this is used for communication between the Smart Device and the NZXT CAM software tool running on the mobo. The Smart Device has two LED output ports - view them as two separate "channels" for power and control of ARGB lighting devices. It also has three Fan output ports for control of fan MOTORS.

There's a detail not clear in their manuals. They appear to say that both the fan motor and RGB lighting components of each AER RGB2 fan are done though a single cable from the Smart Device. Further, only one such connection directly to the Smart Device is needed. Thereafter one uses other cables (supplied) to daisy-chain from the first fan to the second, and so on. This puts all the fans on that chain under exactly the same signals from a single Smart Device output channel, so they are synchronized. The problem I have is: why does the Smart Device have three separate fan output ports? MAYBE I misunderstand, and the fan MOTORS all have their own separate cables that go to these ports, while only the RGB lights in the fans are handled by the daisy-chain system.

Now, the case also comes with at least one ARGB light strip pre-mounted in the case front. The manual suggests that it should be plugged into the unused LED output port of the Smart Device. In that arrangement, the strip lighting effects can be different since they are on a different output channel. BUT the alternative is to use a different cable (supplied) to go from the last fan in the daisy chain to the light strip, so that it also is synchronized with the lights in the fans.

In the Notes regarding the ports of the Smart Device there is a recommendation that you connect your CPU cooler to one of this Device's fan ports so that the CAM software (see below) can control it for good but quiet operation. It includes a note that, if you do this, you will need to tell the mobo in its BIOS Setup screens to Ignore the fan speed of the CPU_FAN header - otherwise it will give out error messages about failed CPU fans, and may even shut down.

If you have other non-RGB fans for case ventilation (I believe one does come pre-mounted in the case rear) they need only fan power and control. You MIGHT do that using another fan output port of the Smart Device. Alternatively, you can certainly plug those fans into any of the six mobo SYS_FAN headers.

Control of both fan speeds and lighting effects is done by the free downloaded CAM software tool. It communicates with the Smart Device via that USB2 connection cable. But it ALSO can control the mobo fan headers for you, so CAM can control all your fans, no matter which place you use to connect them.