Question Need help with overclocking my RAM

Nov 23, 2021
The past week I've gotten into overclocking so I am very new to it. After a few days of learning about the CPU OC I got my I5 6600k (5 years on stock 3.9ghz) to 4.4ghz @ 1.31 pretty stable. After OC'ing my CPU I thought to myself that I'd overclock my rated 2133mhz ram (2x8gb cl14 hyperx fury). Been fiddling around the past days with different settings in the BIOS and it feels so much more difficult than OC'ing a CPU. I no matter what I set the timings/dram voltage to I just get BSOD every time at login screen. Firstly I tried 16-16-16-35 1.3v @ 2667mhz and it BSOD at login screen. Tried up the voltage and timings a bit to -> 17-18-18-36 1.35v @ 2667 same story there(I just changed those and left everything else on auto e.g Trfc and CR) . I had xmp on if that makes any difference maybe I should've turned it off? Since my ram is rated 2133 and not having a xmp profile I believe, I can just choose between disabled and enabled (then it's better to have it disabled since it doesn't do anything? or am I wrong?

After this I got so frustrated that I read multiple RAM OC guides as well as watching a lot of videos. And jumping from 2133mhz -> 2667mhz don't feel like something huge IMO.
The CPU is only capable of 2133mhz but I've seen people go beyond 3000mhz ram with this exact CPU so I don't think that's the problem. My motherboard is a z170a pc mate which is capable of up to 3600mhz ram, however after researching about the motherboard I came across BIOS updates. I rebooted and saw that my BIOS had not been updated since mid 2016. I went to the MSI site and saw that since my latest update to BIOS there has been five newer ones three of which had this written on them "Improved memory compatibility. ". Could a BIOS update maybe fix this issue or am I just doing something completely wrong? Here is the BIOS update page and I have version A.A I believe.

One thing I also thought about was command rate, I left it at auto and I should've maybe have changed it to 2? I have also learned a lot about voltages and I came across these two "VCCSA/IO" that they might should be adjusted a bit? They are right now at auto (IO @ 0.975v and VCCSA @ 1.088 - 1.096 as the time I'm writing this). But then again I've seen many people with almost exact same setups achieve higher mhz by simply adjusting their timings/voltage. If it helps anything at stock speed (all auto) the ram is running 14-14-14-35-49-374 CR2. As for temperatures shouldn't be a problem since I have pretty good cooling, a lot of space and airflow.

Sorry If this is a bit to much information but I'm desperate for help as I have tried by myself for days and can't get it to work.

Complete PC Specs
Motherboard: MSI z170a PC mate
CPU: I5 6600k @ 4.4ghz 1.31v
RAM: Hyperx fury cl14 black 2133 (16gb)
PSU: EVGA Supernova G2 750W