Question Need help with pc build

Mar 29, 2023
This may have been answered but I have a new motherboard as well and a new m.2 storage. In my current build my m.2 has windows 11 on it. Is it possible to move my old m.2 with windows on it and put it in the new motherboard and have everything run fine. Or is there complications with that.
Possibly, but uncertain.
If it boots, you would at least have to install the new motherboard drivers.
The more similar the old and new motherboards are, the more likely of success.
Intel to Intel, for example has been successful for me.
Best to back up your C drive before you do anything.

Most here will tell you to do a clean install of windows.
I would agree.
But, if reinstalling apps would be an odious task, you could give it a try.