Need help with Radeon 9700 pro


Jan 9, 2004
Hi, I just bought 2 Radeon 9700 pro for 2 new computers I am building. The first one is a Barton 2600+ on a MSI KT4AV board. I plan to run Win2k on this one. I haven't touched the 2nd computer yet (Abit NF7-S v2 w/ Barton 2500+). Bad things happened when I tried to install the video driver.

I installed the newest Cat driver after I installed everything else and patched everything on 2k. Strange things happened right after the reboot for the driver install. IE was crashing. Most of the display was messed up. Letters became symbols. Then a message came up saying the VPU recovered from an error and needs to be rebooted. I reboot, and same thing will happen all over again.

I installed the newest VIA 4-in-1 driver (v4.51); installed DX9.0b. I tried a GF2MX card and it worked flawlessly. I tried both new Radeons and they did the same thing. I tried putting these new Radeons on an old Abit BX133 board and they wouldn't even work. They will work on the new computer as long as I don't load the driver.

Are there any known compatibility issues I should know about?

Thanks in advance.


Sep 1, 2003
What service pack did you install? I remember when I went to upgrade to 3.10 that it said you had to have service pack 4. So I'm stuck with 3.9 :(
So if you're not using sp 4 that might be your problem.

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