Question Need help with RAM slot

Aug 5, 2020
Windows- 7
Motherboard- zebronics h61
Cpu fan- 10 year old intel fan
Ram- 4gb (2+2)
Hdd - 1TB WD blue

PC is not giving any output (axcept mouse and hdd led lights) if RAM stick is placed in second slot.

Some days ago this pc is working fine with both ram sticks (2+2 GB) than i posted this thread-
Cooling issue

Now the restarting porblem solved by applying new thermel paste and i have new problem with same machine.

When i am inserting ram stick in second slot the computer is not displaying anything, i can discribe this problem in three cases-

Case 1- RAM slot 1 empty and slot 2 have rame installed then computer gives no output.

Case2- if Ram slot 2 is empty and the same ram stick (from case 1) than computer starts normaly with no error.

Case3- Both of the RAM slots have RAM stick installed than again computer is giving no output as shown in case 2 (here both sticks are good)

Now i dont know what to do ? I want to use my both ram sticks at same time.
Sorry for my bad english 🙂🙃
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Make and model of your PSU and it's age? If you're seeing that one stick, out of the two you have, is preventing the system from booting up, regardless if which slot it's in... then the issue is with the stick of ram(it's failing) and not with the slot.

Might want to make sure you're on the latest BIOS update for the motherboard while you also run memtest for the platform.