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Question Need help with random black screens on old system

Jun 25, 2020
Hello everyone, let me give you a little perspective.
I have an old system:

Core 2 Quad Q9450 + Zalman CNPS90F
ASUS R7 250X
KINGSTON 2GB x2 +2 Stock Mem 2GB

Some of this components have been purchased through the years, this is not the original build, cpu and gpu are rather new bought them 2nd hand from friends and worked great for some time.

So the problem was that the screen started going black while gaming for a few seconds and back to normal, then it started happening randomly and more frequently, also got some artifact and weird colors while gaming ultimately crashing my computer.
Now i know this most likely seems like a gpu problem, so i changed my thermal compound to both cpu and gpu ( not the best one, i live in argentina so im not even using a silver one, i use the one i can find at my local stores) and will definitely try getting some arctic silver...its also weird that i didnt have any problems in the past years using the same compound.
I scanned temps with SpeedFan and they all seem normal, both cpu and gpu arent even over 45c, but i do get fire icons and temps of 50c - 60c in core 0 and core 1...which i also know are nowhere near high. Case side panels are both opened and i have 1 thermaltake cooler on the rear and a stock one on the front to maintain air flow. Its not a demanding build and its quite well cooled for what it is.

So does this just mean my gpu is donezo and i should get a new one? Im planning on building a new system but want to leave this one operational for my parents to use and maybe play some games with my brother and his other pc when i come over and visit. We mostly play League of Legends so we also dont need too much power.

Thanks in advance everyone, i want to give a my veteran pc which gave me much joy for years a last fighting chance.
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