Need help with Ryzen 5 and Asus Rog strix x470-f gaming

Jul 28, 2018
Just build my new system
Amd Ryzen 5 2400g
Asus Rog Strix x470-f Gaming
Evga supernova 650w
And when i connect my monitor Iiyama Prolite XB2483hsu - b3 via HDMI, i cant enter BIOS, says Out of range !
I tried with my old monitor LG 17", with adaptor HDMI--DVI, and everything work
I can enter bios and install windows 10 with all drivers, but i cant do this with other monitor.
Please ,tell me what to do?
This is one solution that I have found:

If you accidentally set your display resolution to outside the monitor’s range, you will come across this problem. As Windows 10 removed the ability to get to the boot screen via F8, you will need to resort to using a different monitor to get into windows. Here are the steps to fix it up:

You connect the second monitor
Once loaded, open the start menu > power then hold shift while pressing the Restart option
It will say please wait. Wait until you have options ‘Continue’, ‘Troubleshoot’, ‘Turn off your PC’.
Choose Troubleshoot > Start-up Settings and press Restart
When your computer starts up you can choose option 3 which allows you to start the computer in low res video mode
Reconnect your first monitor
Once Windows finishes loading, readjust your video resolution to the desired setting.

Heres another one:

Ah I didn't know that. Good to know for future use.
The issue was though, I couldn't get past my login with the problem monitor as it would give me an out of range as soon as it got past the startup logos and all that. I couldn't even see my login screen actually.

I did just solve it though, funny enough as soon as I went and posted this topic I did one last try and got it lol.

For people who might stumble across this later I'll show my steps on how I solved it as I couldn't find updated topics for 8 or 10:

1. I attached a small backup monitor (I used my TV before but that was to much of a hassle to swap constantly)

2. I then went through the several step process of putting windows 10 into safe mode, specifically low res mode (option 3)
(Safe mode Walk-through for windows 10:

3.I then swapped monitors while it was still in low res mode and on the desktop (side note: unlike normally, it seems low res mode does NOT detect a monitor change, even when I tried doing a force detect in advanced display options)

4. After I got my problem monitor attached and working, while still in low res mode, I went through the process of putting the PC into low res mode again.

5. When the PC restarted, the PC had now detected the monitor change, but was running in low res mode and worked properly. I then changed all my display settings and restarted the PC normally.

Everything seems to be in working order now.
(if a mod or someone can mark this as solved that be super)

And here is one more that should do it:
You need to start Windows into Safe Mode, Windows 10, however, does not have a Safe Mode, it has Advanced startup options. You may be able to press F11 on boot up to get there.

Method 2)
If you have an install disk on USB or DVD, you can boot off of it and get into the Advanced Startup Options menu that way.

Select Repair Your Computer from choices on screen.

Windows has set your graphics adapter to a recommended resolution that is too high for your monitor.

Enable a screen resolution that you know your screen is capable of. (1920 x 1080)
Jul 28, 2018
Still have problem, when start the computer didnt show me bios, only sign 'out of range!'' And then windows starts normally. Annoying ...