Question Need help with selecting a AT&T Uverse modem and router selection


Feb 3, 2014
So I just switched services to AT&T U-Verse 1000mbps fiber optic.

I would like to purchase my own modem and router versus paying the monthly the monthly fee of using their router.

However I am finding it exceedingly confusing and difficult to find both devices that are 1000mbps, fiber optic, and AT&T U-Verse compatible.

Does anyone here know some that are?
Not likely a option.

ATT is really bad about forcing their equipment. I know even on some of their DSL connections they require you use their devices.

In general in the USA you will not find any option to get a device that has a fiber optic connection from any provider. Most run some variation of GPON but it is not even that simple. The optics themselves can use different color lasers.

I suspect the best you have hope for is to be able to put their box in bridge mode so it runs only as a modem. I know on some of the DSL boxes your only option is to in effect put the box in DMZ mode. The public IP is still assigned to the ATT device and it is still running NAT on all your traffic.