Need help with selecting affordable componants for a budget gaming rig


Mar 30, 2009
Hey guys, I am trying to build a new budget gaming system with $810.00 nz (Roughly 460.00 US dollars)

I already have the graphics card - the Nvidia GTX 260 (192) 896 MB card - standard clocks.

I also have a 700W silverstone OP series power supply, so thats covered.

I will be using my current screen for a little while (an old 19 inch) and upgrade to a 24" later, but this is further down the track.

I would like some future - proofability, not upgrades wise, but something that performs at around the same lvl as the phenom II 920 would be great. I'd also prefer it to be a quad core if possible, since more and more games and applications are becoming multi core aware. That said, the 8400 is an apt option too, though it performs on about the same margins as the q6600 from what i understand, and is in a similar price range.

Oh and I have Vista Ultimate X64 and XP PRO x32 - so OS's aren't a problem.

Components needed:For $460.00 US or 810.00 NZ
DVD drive/writer:
(stuff i may have forgotten lol)

Will say I need a case thats big enough for my graphics card, as it is quite long, at least an inch longer then the 4870 1g card.

I have no brand preference between intel and amd.

Oh and also, don't include a hard drive - i'll be using my old one for a while and upgrading to dual 500gbs.

Thanks in advance guys!
Calzer have a look at

Its a bot that tracks online retailers that sell computer hardware .

Dont buy a thing from oczone unless you can walk in to their shop , same with C1shoppingmall

ezone is good , and very helpful , but dont have the best range . In christchurch I liked the guy running URcomputer but dragon Computer seems good too .

If you live in a remote area and have free shipping and often work out cheaper because the bargain basement places overcharge for freight



Mar 30, 2009
Yer I've been using pricespy, will say I'm not exactly on my top game due to a horrible stomach ache I've had all day :(. I need a board that will give me pci-e 2.0 (to ustilise my graphics card to it's max persay) and give me at least two sata ports, along with good cpu support, so i could upgrade if i have to (unless i get a quad, in which case the next time i upgraded i would do a platform change)

I live in Auckland - the city's a 15 min drive away so i can pick some things up.

GIGABYTE EP45-DS3P $232.41

E7400 retail $ 249.68

G.SKILL 4GB kit DDR2-800 PC6400 CL4-4-4-12 $108.39

Antec 300 $143.47

Total for that is $733.95 NZ [ not including shipping ]

Not worth paying more for an e8200 , when you can spend the left over $$$ on a cooler for the cpu and overclock