Need help with spending $70!!!


Aug 26, 2008
Hi guys, I just got back from the book store. I was able to resell old school books for $70. So I was wondering if I should get HHD Cooler, replace my stock antec 1200 fans or a bay drive fan controller. Please help, thanks in advance. :pt1cable:

Two - MASSCOOL SYTRIN Kuformula SHF1 Ultra HDD Cooler


Six - Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F 120mm Case Fan


NZXT SEN-001LX Aluminum dual bay fan controller


Mar 23, 2008
This fan is better. Half the price, moves more than twice the air.
Coupled with a fan controller, you get the power when needed, and quietness when you want it.

That $70 fan controller is not worth it. This one will do the same job just fine.
Or you can get back slot mounted controller for even cheaper.

For hdd cooler, I use the exact same model, and can honestly say, it doesn't make a difference. It's the best hdd cooler on market, cools a 1TB 7200 rpm hdd 5-8 degrees C, so it does what it's supposed to. But hdds don't run that hot to begin with, so it's really unnecessary. Save the money for something else.
I would say go open a savings account and place it in your new account carefully and add more to it everytime you get your hands on some extra money to go towards that new system you know you will want in the next year or so when the new parts are out in force.

Or just simply save the money and feel good your not broke... =)