Oct 21, 2002
I was at work the other day when something happened and the it dawned on me how useful it is to have an FTP. The trouble is I know nothing about ftp’s or how to set one up.

All I want to do is take advantage of the 50MB free web space I get my with ISP ( I thought I could manage an FTP site using this space. First of all I want to know is this even possible or is that 50mb meant to be used as a web site and not as an ftp file portal.

I’ve done some reading on the internet and I’ve tried using the Windows XP IIS system but I can’t get a long with it. SO I ended up downloading Core FTP client which seems simple enough to use. So far I have managed to configure it so it can connect to my waitrose account but I can’t get it to send anything, when it goes to send a file it will try a few times then say it failed.

My windows firewall is setup to allow ftp traffic but I’m also using a hardware firewall (d-Link dsl 504T) via my ADSL router. Do you think the file isn’t getting sent because the router is blocking it or because of some other reason.

Any help would be greatful.


Dec 8, 2005
1st off - port forwarding is only needed if you are running said FTP server.
just connecting to a site should work.

next thing to chesk is look around in the options of your ftp program and see if it has a 'passive mode' option. if so, turn it Off.

next thing i would do is call your ISP and ask them how to upload stuff to your "web site"