Question Need help with water cooling issue


Mar 25, 2017
Hi everyone,
I had posted in the past my Core P5 build. Everything was running great and I decided to do a cosmetic change and went with a 300ML Barrow Helix tube. To me it looked very straightforward because they sell a D5 adapter version. I unscrewed my thermaltake resi from the D5 unit and screwed on the Barrow. no problems there. Custom mounted it and the first thing I noticed was a ton of air building at the top of the resi. The middle hole is for the cathode light which only leaves me 1 other port at the top. Looking from the top there is no tube that extends from the top down into the resi so the coolant splashes against the helix creating air?? I even lined up what appears to be channels. I even tried reversing the loop and also tried going for the return at the bottom port but then the loop is stagnant at the top long horizontal run. My current setup is Pump out to rad, out of rad into CPU, out of CPU into 2080ti block, out of 2080ti back to res. I can't imagine that is the issue. When I changed the loop direction I also changed the CPU block direction because that is in/out. Don't understand what the issue is and any help is greatly appreciated even if I have to rotate my 480 rad I will. I reached out to barrow and still no response. Thank you in advance and here are some pics.