Need help wont let me play Minecraft the Error message keeps popping


Jul 26, 2012
Hello I really need help because I wanted to play minecraft but it wont let me cause it keeps popping out a error message saying "ERROR: Could not create Java Virtual machine: and another error below saying "ERROR: A fatal exception has occured" I really dont know what went wrong because first it worked before but it lags so I wanted to get the 64 bit to get Far distance in minecraft si it can stop laging so I installed Java 64 bit but still nothing I dont have 64 bit on minecraft then i found another website of another way to get Java 64 bit since its done downloading I went to play minecraft and the error message POPPED OUT I was getting fustrating since i clicked minecraft again and again and still that damn message keeps popping out I tried to figure out what went wrong i try to remove Java and reinstall still nothing that error messages keeps popping, Then I restarted the computer when i went to my desktop when it was done restarting the ERROR message pops out, and I try to remove and reinstall Minecraft again and again. Thats it im out of ideas to stop giving me that stupid damn error message saying that the it could not create Java Virtual machine. Then i called my friends that i cant play minecraft with them I explained to them why? but they asked me a question that "What kinda Computer or Laptop I have?" I said Window Vista then my freind said to me "well i think thats the problem that computer is terrible it dont work buy a new computer to play minecraft with us" I thought to myself is it the computer i have that dont work named Window Vista is that problem? why i cant play Minecraft?



Oct 30, 2012

First order of business: Learn where the period key is on your keyboard.
Onto the real problem though, windows vista has nothing to do with Minecraft having that error on your PC, and your Minecraft "friends" don't know much about computers. Also what type of Vista do you have, 32 bit or 64 bit? Also, try consulting this thread I found on MinecraftForums.