Question Need help woth complciated setup

Oct 9, 2019
Hey guys,

So I have multiple monitors, multiple VR headsets and multiple GPUs and not sure how to set it up. Details follow:

- I have one 1080Ti, one 1070 and integrated graphics on my 4790K CPU.

- I have one ultrawide monitor that I use for gaming. And 2 other monitors that will just have browsers or music on them.

- I have 2 VR headsets. An old Vive for sweaty games like beat saber and a new HP Reverb arriving shortly for simming (only 1 VR headset will be used at a time).

Current plan:

  • The ultrawide and VR headsets are connected to the 1080Ti. The spare monitors are connected to the 1070.
  • Spare monitors on HDMI (both are 60 Hz)
  • Vive on HDMI
  • Reverb needs display port
  • Ultrawide (120 Hz, 1440p) on displayport
Will that work? Just need validation. I am asking because I have read that there are issues with ports where they can only output at a limited res or limited frequency.

Lastly, if I sell my 1070, can i just plug one of the spare monitors to my motherboard using CPU integrated graphics? Will that impact CPU performance?