Aug 4, 2004
Hey All,

This is my first post, and it may seem dumb but it's stumping me. I have just recently completed my first build.
I have a:
AMD64 3200+
MSI K8N Neo Platinum
512mb Mushkin PC3200 RAM
nVidia 5900XT
AOpen CDRW/DVD combo drive
Floppy drive
one extra ethernet card

I tried to make a good mix of power, performance, and price. I chose a cheaper case, made by DynaPower that came with a 430w powersupply (thinking that would have been enough). I connected everything and started it up. After loading up WinXP Pro etc. I have a few problems. First, I would get a message saying that my system was automatically turning the settings down on my video card to protect my system because it was not getting enough power. Along with this my Floppy drive wasn't working. I made sure it was enabled in Bios and all cables were connected and seated properly. But the light on the drive wouldn't come (signaling it was detected)on when you booted up. No spinning, no nothing. Just to make sure it was getting power, I flipped the floppy cable and the green LED went on, and wouldn't come off (showing that the floppy cable was connected incorrectly). I flipped the cable back, uninstalled the floppy drive and controller, rebooted and checked device manager...everything came up copasetic...but the drive still doesn't work (the only reason I have a floppy is because my wife loves them.....don't get me started on that).

Next, the CD/DVD player will play cd's, write CD's, and play older video games, but when I throw in FarCry to load it up, or a DVD it won't recognize it and my system will lock up so that I have to go in through the task manager kill it.

The final issue is that I am also getting a BSD that says PFN_LIST_CORRUPT. After looking that up, it said that Windows is trying to write something to an invalid memory section...what's that about?

NOW, I think that it's all a power issue and I am going to buy an Antec true power 480.

Before I do that, does anyone have any suggestions or somethign that could help me out?


Dec 31, 2007
It sounds massively like a power supply problem to me. I'd dare say that you're on the right track. Good work and good luck. :)

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Firs thing to do is to check your voltages in bios. Make sure all the rails are stable, and within 10% of rated. Then make sure memory and cpu etc are getting enough voltage.
Try relazing the timings on your memory, make sure you have the DVD drivers loaded, and try a different floppy cable.