Need helping picking out a video card to replace my overheating HD4870


Dec 3, 2014
My old ass rig:
Antec Nine Hundred ATX Case with a broken fan in the front and an optional fan (Corsair AF120) on the side. Collecting dust like there's no tomorrow
ASUS P5NSLI Motherboard
2GB Mushkin 667Mhz RAM
Sapphire HD4870 512MB GDDR5
Antec 650W PSU
Intel Core2Duo @ 2.4Ghz oc to 2.6 I believe

Running MS WIndows 7 Ultimate 32bit

So the problem is that my video card keeps overheating. As we speak its a 90C. I've heard problems with the card from other people so I don't know you guys agree that its indeed the video card must be replaced or its something else. But my computer overheats almost daily and its winter now. In the summer I couldn't be on the PC for more than 30mins. That options side fan that I bought was my attempt at a solution but it keeps overheating. Another issue is that my room is carpeted and this case collects dust like crazy. There is no use cleaning it out.

I used to game on this computer but now all I use it for is market trading software.

What do you guys think? Shall I replace the video card? What changes must be made? Is it one component or several?

God bless