Question Need info on 9900K Direct Die Cooling with an AIO

Nov 26, 2018
I have already decided to delid my 9900K because I am very close to thermal limits in Cinebench and stress tests. Rockit 89 is waiting for me in the next room. Beyond that fact, I have also placed an order for the Der8auer Direct Die guard, which is something I am not 100% certain about. In his video Der8auer explains that the frame is compatible with Asetek Gen6 pumps with minimal difficulties/mods required. I might need some M3 screws and have to cut them to size, but before I do that I am hoping I can find someone who has already tried this. I own a Corsair H150i Pro and an EVGA CLC 280, both of which are Asetek Gen6 with slightly different blocks. The problem is that I am unsure if any of the standoffs included with the AIO (e.g. LGA 115x, 2066, AM4) will provide enough clamping pressure for the CPU. Has anyone had any success direct die cooling with an AIO, and if so, what did you do? I appreciate any help.
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