Sep 22, 2021

I have been trying to upgrade to a new router from my old wrt54g router. ( that is using ddwrt firmware) It still works but I need better speed for todays stuff. Like better than 2.4g

I have tried the WRT3200acm but was unable to get it to allow me to setup without forcing me to go to the LINKSYS website, even when I selected manual setup, so I returned it.

I cannot go online when I make local changes to my network. Need way to completely bypass SMART online apps on the router if possible.

I need to see who is on, block who is on, guest network, 2.4 and 5g, some securety, set ip numbers, WILL connect to main router for internet via WAN to LAN. WRT firmware ability could be a plus.

Just no online accounts should be needed to set it up. (Smart apps)

NO games, video streams, etc. Mainly local network, 10 units. Using both bands, 2.4 and 5g.

Reasonable price, $100 to $300 range should do.

I did this in 2001 now I am in my 70's and this seems a LOT tuffer. Yes, I still have a landline and a flip phone.

Any brain cells would help.

It is actually kinda rare for a router to require "cloud" configuration. Companies that have tried it before got a lot of push back from customers.

I am pretty sure asus and tplink routers allow local configuration. Many asus routers support merlin firmware. It depends on what exact feature you are looking for with third party firmware.


When you decide on another router go online before purchasing.

Google the router make and model looking for the router's default IP address.

Then all you should need to do is enter the router's default IP address into your chosen browser. You will be prompted for the router's login and password.

Depending on circumstances (e.g., you or someone had tried to configure the router and encountered problems) just do a factory reset to put the router/gateway back to its default configuration and assigned IP address.

Doing so should provide you with direct access to the router's admin screens.

Another way is to google words such as "How to local configure a router"

Many links will likely appear. Revise your search criteria to narrow down/filter the results.

Example links:

Another thing you can do is go to the manufacturer's website: Look for the applicable router's User Guide/Manual. You may find the procedure included there but only listed somewhere not as obvious as it should be.

And you get a chance to read all the fine print before buying..... Not a bad thing.

= = = =

I will not purchase any router that does not permit local configuration.
Sep 22, 2021
Thanks so much for your input both Bill and Ralston. Great advice.

I Have been online both before and since my post. Have seen the details you referred to. Have researched many routers in Ausu, linksys, Netgear, and TP-Link. Knowing better search terms sure helped a lot.

Here is where I am now.

First my MAIN router is the new T-Mobile Home Internet (Nokia Solutions & Networks Oy) Speed is extreme!. (We have t-mobile tower in cow paster next door) But, It offers very little on my having any control on settings.

Life sure got complicated. I love my old
( Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS ) with ( DD-WRT v24-sp2 (10/10/09) mini - build 13064 ) Stays up for many months without a hiccup. But 5g is nice and a new (second) router for my local network with both bands is needed. Also slow local file shareing is slow.

Narrowed some routers as they are not supported by 3rd party flash. Then thought maybe for a second I might not need the flash but not sure what security they offer.

I want to avoid any apps, smart app etc.

I need to see who is connected and be able to drop them. (We live next to state park and we have line of about 100 cars outside on weekends waiting to get in.) They do snoop and try.

Have both 2.4 and 5g and a bridge between would be nice.
To assign static IPs.
Need a GUEST network. (Guests and grandkids) No parental control needed, I provide that just fine.)

To adjust signal output strength if needed nice not essentiel. (old now is (71mw) which is great for 2.4g.

I DO NOT stream any games, movies, tv, phones, etc. All that is through MAIN unit which I leave a seperate network.

I am currently comparing about 8 units, down from 30. Mainly Netgear and TP-link. Asus and Linksys reviews are scary. Have not seen any outher brands to review.

My tech knowledge is ok, just slow and have to look things up a lot more these days. MS dos 1.0 was new when I started, and no windows until a few years later, 1985? I think.

Any suggestions will be nice. I may be missing something.

I am so greatful for forum help and everyone who makes it possible. In 1979 it was all on who you knew you could call, and if you did not drink the fun was limited.

Thanks so much