Question need laptop help, Laptop turns on no display, fan doesnt spin


May 25, 2014
hello everybody
i have a hp envy m6 1125dx laptop which currently isnt working good.
when i turn on the laptop, the lights do go on and the wifi light goes white(looks like it boots) but there is no display on screen and also not to an external monitor. Also cpu fan doesnt spin and no noise of it spinning (which by the way, used to spin a week ago but still had no display)
i dont know what is the issue and maybe somebody can help me
do you think that cpu is defective or would i need a new motherboard??

apprecaite any help
many CPUs are soldered to motherboards anyway, but CPU failures are rather rare.

Anyway, fans not spinning is ...not good....

some laptops will not run with battery removed, and some will, helping to eliminate the battery as a possible culprit...

Try it with battery completely removed...if it now works, great. If it gets worse, it's possible yours is one that must have a battery installed (without shorts, obviously) to allow the external brick's voltage to pass to the mainboard....

Assume you've already tried another known good AC adapter/18V PSU?

Beyond that, you will need a donor laptop with a known good mainboard to make any conclusions, and the many, many hours of patience in disassembly required of both to do the swap....

With so many laptops for sale at sub $400, you can decide whether the effort is worth it....
The fan should only spin at designated temperatures, but the lack of display on top of that sounds like the laptop isn't initiating or completing POST.

You can try removing the HDD and reseating the RAM (or replace the RAM, if you have access to spare, compatible modules). If no joy, the last thing would be to reset NVRAM and CMOS/BIOS by removing the main lithium battery and the CMOS battery for about 5 minutes, then reconnect power and test again.