Need major major help.........................


Apr 15, 2006
Well this is a long story, i was very foolish and stupid, it all started when i went on my second partition which had windows vista beta 2 installed on it, well, i started fooling around and i messed something up, so, i went back into my partition 1 which had windows xp pro on it, so i went into a program on my computer called partition manager, and i deleted partition number 2, or i think i just formatted it again, not really sure, but, then i started downloading the vista beta again cuz i needed to reinstall, so then after the download finished, i restarted the computer and came across an error, windows boot manager wasnt allowing me to go into my first or 2nd partition, when i tried to go on my first partition with winxp pro, it said that ntldr.exe was corrupt, and when i tried on my 2nd, the one i supposedly formatted or deleted, it said boomgr.exe is corrupt, so what i did was installed windows xp 64 bit edition, but i am having problems booting into that as well because my monitor is blank and all it says is output signal out of range change to 1280 x 1024, so im running 64 bit edition in safe mode right now, but what i need help is booting into my winxp pro partition, please if someone can help it would be greatly appreciated, i still have access to my partition btw, i can access the files and stuff my going in my computer and going into c but thats all i can do :( please help guys..............


Apr 30, 2005
Try copying your ntldr.exe from your XP Pro cd to your XP Pro install, see if that fixes it.

Failing that try booting into recovery console and running a chkdsk /F

Careful wih the x64 install. I'm in the biggest mess i've had from dual booting XP Pro and x64 on two different partitions on the same drive. Seems very, very temperamental. Don't start tinkering while your computer depends on it - just a warning.