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Question Need motherboard that works out of the box with i3 9100f and is cheap

Aug 31, 2019
I need a motherboard, preferabbly $70-85 that works out of the box without and bios update for the intel core i3 9100f cpu


The F2 BIOS was released less than two weeks after the F1 BIOS version. It's a billion to one change that you would get a board with an F1 BIOS, IF you lived in some third world country. Living in the US, there is ZERO chance. Any board you get right now will have been manufactured in the last 6-8 months, at MOST. The F2 BIOS was released March of 2019, so any board manufactured after that date would have AT LEAST that version, and most probably one that is much newer. Especially on a low cost board like this one that likely moves in much higher numbers than any of the top shelf flagship models do.

Plus, most of the 8th Gen chipset boards WILL support 9th Gen CPUs even without a new enough BIOS to fully support it. They just won't support it with full features and there might be some minor issues, but they usually will work well enough to run and enable you to update the BIOS to a fully supportive version.

Otherwise, there are no other options available to you that will support that out of the box AND are within your budget range.