Nov 11, 2008
well my old harddrve it shot and im looking for a new one i wnted t khow your opinion as to whitch dirve should get?

my first option is the most expeinsive 2 500gb wd black harddrives in raid 0 for 140$

my seacond option is 2 500gb samsung spinpoint f1 harddrives in raid 0 for 120$

my third option is a 1tb wd black hard drive for 100$

my final option would be 2 750gb samaung spinpoint f1s in raid 0 for 140$
I like the third option. It's not a bad price and you can add other 1tb blacks latter on for RAID. If you want to spend a little more now just for the speed and don't care about the reliability then go with the first option.

OK, then option 1, with frequent backups. But get WD 640 GB Caviar Black disks (WD6401AALS) instead of WD5001AALS disks. They cost less per GB and they have an average read rate of 98 MB/s (vs 75 MB/s for the WD5001AALS).