Need new laptop advice

Feb 5, 2019
I need some help figuring out a replacement laptop. The one I use at home to connect to work has died and I just need something I can easily swap the SSD from the old one into.

Ordinarily I would just go do it myself. Unfortunately my leg has left me bedridden for two weeks and my wife it completely tech illiterate. She came home with a dreadful HP that doesn’t even have a replaceable battery....when did this madness start?

I need something that I can put my existing 850 Evo in and it works with minimal effort. Its a full M$ lic so there is no issue with the hardware change...I dump the OEM as soon as I buy a new system. I also want something that the battery and RAM are swappable with disassembling the whole thing


You probably won't be able to just swap a drive into another system since it will have issues booting and running well on different hardware. Unless you get the same model you had before.

For easily removable battery, not going to be finding anything now you can remove without taking the cover off. You should not have to touch the battery for a few years, I don't know anyone that needs to change batteries often enough that taking off a cover is an issue. Same thing for RAM. You upgrade the RAM maybe once.

You may want to put in some info also, like budget, system size you are looking for, what you run on it, etc... No way to suggest anything just based on "I need a replacement laptop".