Dec 27, 2011
Hey guys!!! Im preparing for the Ivy Bridge cpu release coming in a few months and my current cpu(intel core 2) is really old so I have to replace my mobo and my ram in order to upgrade to ivy bridge.(Please let me know if I am forgetting anything else to replace) I need a new motherboard and ram to run Ivy Bridge. all i do is play video games and stream my own gameplay on Justin.TV but with my current parts I cannot stream. My in game graphics are fine but when i try to multi task and stream my computer starts slowing down and my game gets a bit laggy. Should I wait for Ivy bridge to come out and then by a mobo or ram or should I just buy them now if there are not going to b any better ones when ivy bridge comes out? Also These are the parts I am currently looking at but I'm not that great with computers so Im not sure if they are compatible with ivy bridge. If you have better suggestions please post : )