Apr 11, 2007
I'm looking to upgrade my MSI 939 mobo to an AM2 socket.
I'm looking for a good OCer, but not necessarily with SLI (I only have a 500w PSU), plenty of room for my 8800 and other PCI hardware, and DDR2.Whatever I get I'll probably put an AMD x2 6000 in it.

Anything good that fits those criteria?

Also, if a mobo is compliant with ddr2 800 can lower ddr memory still be plugged in?


Apr 22, 2006
Well I have a Gigabyte M59SLI-S5 and I think it's great. Another popular choice for AM2 is the ASUS M2N32-SLI. If you really want bling you could look at the Asus Crosshair. It used to be pricey but it's still cheaper than it used to be. There are a couple other good choices if you're looking for a good overclocking board. Check this review from THG. It's old but you can still get an idea of a comparison of boards:


You can google for some sites with AM2 mobo comparisons.
In the end, most AMD mobos will end up performing similarly, so don't worry too much. I know you're not necessarily looking for an SLI mobo, but in any case I recommend you put a little extra money and get the 590 chipset. It's not that much more money, but you may appreciate it in the long run. (http://www.fudzilla.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=641&Itemid=1)
^Not sure if that is exclusive to 590, but might as well not take any chances.
Concerning your memory question, yes lower speed memory can work, but DDR2-800 (PC6400) is usually recommended for the best AM2 experience.