Jul 12, 2021

I play guitar and I need to get an Office/Gamer chair which I can use to play guitar as well as for normal use.

Please note - I've placed this question in this forum specifically because these are the people I'd like to ask - thanks :)

I'm hoping to find a Gaming chair rather than regular office chair as they are more comfy and have better and Higher support for your neck and back etc - and are just better! But I do not want to spend a stupid amount on it!

It MUST have the ability to change the angle of the back of the chair and the height of the chair!

NOTE – I Do Not want a chair with even short arms that are fixed.... either Movable/Removable arms or No arms!

I'd really prefer Not to have to have 2x different chairs because it's a tiny room and I have so little space as it is!

If you don't play guitar - you might not realise that the Arms get in the way and make it impossible to use.
If possible - I would really still love to get a chair that has arms as its more comfy when not playing guitar - this makes it hard?

I'm hoping to buy something cheap secondhand on Gumtree etc but what I would ideally like to find is something that either:

- Has Arms

  • which can ideally be folding down quickly and easily with some kind of built in mechanism (if they exist?)...
  • or Has Arms which can be fairly quickly/easily be unscrewed from the rest of the chair. This is clearly not ideal, but
maybe I can make it work if it ends up the best option. Could maybe get a tiny hand held powered screw driver lol?

- Has NO Arms:
  • Not the best option as I prefer arms for 90% of the time for comfort...
  • But still an option - maybe I can live with it if there's no better alternative?
Any other advice or thoughts welcomed!

Dylan Beckett
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Jul 12, 2021
Just do a web search for a chair with flip up or removable arms and see if they have all the other things you want
Yeah I've obviously done and been doing that man... and trust me - it's not as simple as you think.

Firstly - it needs to be a chair we can get delivered to Australia - and those us to Au secondary devliery things are going to be way to expensive for me for a big bulky chair. So ebay/amazon types sites are more likely for online overseas chairs?

Those two you mentioned might appear great at first - however after reading dozens of these type of ads I can tell you that the meaning of the words/phrases they use vary widely when it comes to these things in particular:

Moving the backrest by itself (eg not in a fixed relationship with the Seat (part you sit on). This is the most common problem.

95% of Office/Gamer Chairs with moving arms of any kind - are just fixed arms that go slightly up and down - doesn't help me at all...

Then - almost every chair you find with Arms that really move out of the way (usually fold) - they have the Backrest and Seat locked together.
Either you can't move them in relation to each other at all... or rarely you can only move them in fixed ratio relationships like one you mentioned.

Instead of allowing you to move the Backrest only - most of them really mean - tilt the locked Backrest and Seat unit backwards like your napping.

This is the biggest problem I'm finding - they're damn near all like this?

I just need a chair with arms that move out of the way fully, can move the Backrest on it's own, has seat tilt, and height adjustment at least. Mesh back would be nice. But it's damn near impossible to find one under US $292/AU400, although prefer to spend only up to US $182 / AUD $250 if possible?

The other thing is - even if you find a good model that I can't afford or even get delivered here (like your ads) - they make it impossible to search for other listings for the same chairs!

Any help would really be awesome as I'm getting desperate here... even tried Officeworks, Harvey Norman, Ikea, Super Amart etc. The only chairs that come close are way beyond my 'so high its silly' budget! And don't forget the AU dollar is awful against the US so that's killing me too.

thank you for your time