Need openion about this configuration


Aug 16, 2011
intel core i3 2120 3.3gz

Asus p8h67-v Motherboard

Crosair 4gb high performance ram

seagate 500gb sata hdd

Nvidia GTS 450 GDDR5 1gb Grafix card



Get a quality power supply. Are there any plans to sli your video card? if not then a corsair builder cx430 would support that card.

And speaking of your card, if you are not an nvdia fanboy for the same price the 5770/6770 performs a bit better (6770 is a 5770 but with bluray hardware decoder built in) but you would need the cx500 PSU to be safe but that would also support the 6790 GPU which is about $20 more than your card and up there with the gtx460/768 in performance.


Aug 8, 2011
i would agree with popatim in the fact that you should get a quality psu, 80 Plus Bronze is basic enough for a budget build. I would like to see you go with a GTX560 though, roughly $165 after rebate...and worth the extra $65-$75 dollars BY FAR! I have an ASUS 560, and have it blazing past a 570 Clock. If this is a gaming rig, i would like to see you upgrade there.

Also, the Phenom IIx4 965BE will probably equal or out perform that i3 in most if not all gaming functions. It might be better for you to either upgrade to the i5 if you are an intel junkie, or save some money and go with the AMD side of things.

Lastly, 4Gb of RAM is plenty, however, for either the same price, or most times $15 or less, you can get 8Gb (2x4) set. This will ensure max performance for the next 5 years plus.

Stick with Corsair, Antex, Silverstone, Seasonic, OCZ, and XFX for PSUs.

RAM you should stick with GSkill, Corsair, Kingston (my personal fav), Mushkin, or Crucial

GPU's i like to stick to EVGA, PNY, ASUS, SAPPHIRE, and HIS.

I understand if you are partial to intel, or amd, or whatever, but these are recommendations that will help you as much as i know how. Best of LUCK!