Question Need Opinions on Budget Case


May 4, 2016

First of all, I feel like I should say this first, I live in Indonesia, so some stuffs might not be available here. So I hope you guys will understand if I can't accept a suggestion which seems the best (if there is no item sold locally, nothing I can really do about it).

I need a case for the system I'm trying to build. However I only have up to $130 left in my budget for it.
  • I don't really care about RGB or Lighting. I'm more to Performance (thermal) than Looks person.
  • I prefer mid or full size case, this way I can do a bit DIY if I feel like I need more fans or more space to put stuffs.
  • I don't really give a crap about wether I can look at the inside or not, it will be put inbetween my desk's left side and a wall anyway. (can't put it on top of my desk, since there's a cabinet on top and there's only 45cm between the top of my desk and the cabinet). And... too afraid it will break or scratched.
  • It can be quite dusty here. And can be quite hot too (even with AC on at night).
  • There is only 2 seasons here, It's either Solar Flare Hot, or Hot with occasional water drop from the sky.
Imagine being in a 5mx5m room with AC on at 20 celcius at night after raining, and you are somewhat sweating, you'll know how I feel sometimes.

Currently I'm thinking to buy a HAF XM with Side Window (yeah they still sell these here, can't say the same for the non window version though) or a 2nd hand CM Stryker (The old version one, not the newest rendition). And do a bit of DIY on either if I need more fans. It's the reason I'm thinking of these 2, It's big enough for storage expansions, and big enough for some DIY additional fans if it is needed.

HAF XM w/ Window : Probably drill some tiny holes on the side window and on the front bottom side, then make a DIY dust filter. So that I'll end up with 2 or 3 front intake, 1 bottom fan, 1 side fan directly to GPU, Top and rear fan are exhaust

CM Stryker : DIY a simple fan bracket so that I can add 1 side fans on each side at where the side mesh are. Move the SSD rack somewhere else so I can put a bottom fan. So 2 or 3 intake fans at the front, 1 intake small fans at each lower side, 1 fan at bottom. Top and rear will be exhaust.

However if there is a good enough better option, I would like to know about it.

My system will be :
Motherboard : MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus
CPU : Intel i7-9700K 3,6GHz
CPU Cooler : Cooler Master Hyper 212 Led Turbo
RAM : 4x8 Crucial Ballistix Sport LT Red
Storage : Patriot Burst 480GB/960GB SSD + Two additional 3,5" HDD
PSU : BeQuiet! Pure Power 10 700w CM
GPU : MSI GTX 1660 Gaming X 6G / MSI GTX 1660Ti Gaming X 6G

If there is an opinion about the build I will be happy to receive it too. Except the motherboard, CPU, and RAMs, since those are gift from a friend, can't change it. Other parts are still in planning session.

Thank you in advance, and I am sorry if my question sounds stupid or demanding. My country isn't really the best for prices & parts availability.