Need opinions on two set-ups


Jan 13, 2009
Ok, so I'll be ordering a new PC in about 2 weeks. I had been planning on getting the 720 X3, 790X Gigabyte board and a 4890 Atmoic. All together it'll come to around $600 (I'm guessing at the price of the atomic being around $300)

However, after seeing the article on the 4770s in XFire, I'm a bit torn. It seems like they're doing just as good if not better than a 4890 (i think it was stock) for cheaper.

So obviously what I'm stuck on is between 4770 XFire vs 4890 Atmoic, which apparently gives similar performance with a nearly $100 price difference.

Now here's one more bit. I already have some DDR2 800 (5-5-5-15) RAM to slap in the mobo. However, if I went with the 4770s I could change to a DDR3 mobo and DDR3 RAM.

So, it comes down to this. I have $600. I already have all the parts for my PC except the CPU, mobo and GPU (and ram if I go DDR3). Will be playing at 1650*1080. Which would you choose:

DDR2 and 4890 Atomic

4890 Atomic - *$300+ (It's coming out this week - dont know the exact price)

Gigabyte 790X - $109

720 X3 - $145 (up from $135 *angry face*)
Total: $555

DDR3 and 4770 XFire

2x 4770 in XFire - $220 (maybe less)

Gigabyte 790XT - $139

GSkill DDR3 1333 - $59

720 X3 - $145 (up from $135 *angry face*)

Total: $565

Which one? :sweat:


Aug 22, 2008
I would go DDR2 and 4770 in CF - it will give you the best performance without doubt at 1600 resolution. I would not go with DDR3 on AMD because it is dual channel architecture, so the benefits are so minimal you won't notice them. Save the money for something else. Then in a year or two get a core i7 or i5 system with DDR3 triple channel much cheaper.