Question Need original vBIOS for RTX 3080 Ti GAMING X TRIO 12G ?

Nov 11, 2022
I bought a used card and it's being detected as a Gigabyte card in GPU-Z and it's not being detected by any MSI software. Please I need the original VGA Bios Firmware for my card if anyone have the same card with the same serial number if you could download it from GPU-Z and upload it. I'll be very thankful. MSI support don't give original Vbios anymore and there's different Vbios versions depends on the batch so that's why I included the Serial Number and that's why I don't want to use the Vbios from S/N: 602-V389-144SB2108000**
  1. Serial number is UNIQUE. No other card should have the same one.
  2. ANY vBios for reference design card (which this one is) with the same memory ICs should fit your card and make it boot. Fan/fan controller settings might not fit but this is not the issue now, is it? So check which memory brand is in use on the card (most likely Micron) and pick one of the available ones on TechPowerUp...