Question Need parts list help!


Apr 6, 2017
I have very limited knowledge and was really looking into buying a pc lately. I was considering buying a prebuilt off of ibuypower or cyberpowerpc and everyone tells me to just build my own. The problem is im not sure if id be able to and I really have no idea what im looking at with hardware. I have an intel setup now and am not really that impressed by it so I was hoping to switch to amd. If someone could help me with a parts list I would really appreciate it. Or if perhaps there is a prebuilt site that is not much more money and takes out the work on my end. With my work schedule I have limited time to research hardware, from what ive gathered id like to center a build around the Ryzen 7 and the rtx 2060 gfx card. What I have now doesnt run the new AAA games to the standards id like. My budget is about $1300 but I was also thinking of getting a 144hz monitor as ive been told thats a big upgrade for gaming as well so thats something to consider. Any help someone could offer I would really appreciate. Thank you!


Jun 13, 2015
Nvidia is releasing RTX 3000 series soon, maybe as soon as next month and should be much faster than RTX 2000 series. If you want now, may want to consider RTX 2060 super over RTX 2060.

You may want to consider playing on 1440p 144 hz monitor which probably needs at least RTX 2070 super, so better to wait for RTX 3000 series.

I will let expert to suggest parts to build your system.