Jan 22, 2010
Hi all, I'm trying to find some information about these 2 power supplies, I've read they're great in some places and horrible in others, any input you can give me would be most appreciated.

These are the 2 Im looking at.
Rocketfish 900W Power Supply (RF-900WPS)
Rocketfish PC Power Supply (RF-700WPS2)

Current system specs:

I need the power supply today if possible, so thats why Im going to futureshop, if you can find any other computer stores open on a sunday in chilliwack BC, by all means, send me a link :p

Thanks, InSoMnIaK604

The Rocketfish 700 watt power supply is made by Huntkey according to Jonny Guru.

Rocketfish? Isn't that a Best Buy house brand?

Found the old thread. Rocketfish and Dynex are both owned by Best Buy. Is Future Shop the Canadian version of Best Buy?

Here's a link to a technical review of the 700 watt power supply over at Hardware Secrets:

Adequate but not exactly a stellar performer.