Sep 27, 2012
I'm adding new parts to my old PC and this what i chose and please answer quick i'm buying parts for 30mins!!

Motherboard: H61M-P20(G3)
CPU: Intel Celeron Dual-Core G540 @ 2.5GHz
GPU: HD6670 1GB/DDR3
RAM: 2x2GB 1333MHz Kingston
HDD: Maxtor 80GB 6L080L0
PSU: 400W
Monitor resolution: 1280x1024

Is this compatible with each other? Can i connect that HDD to that motherboard? And can i play: Arma2,Hitman Absolution,Farcry3,GTA4,Battlefield3,COD MW3,NFS MW 2 at high details on that resolution? Or could i change something for same amount of money that could be better than this? How much this PC is good for GTA4 Arma2? Here is site from which i'm buying Max budget is 16.000 related to the site. I need CPU,MB,GPU and RAM Please answer as quick as you can!