Need Quiet CPU Fan for Q6600


Jul 10, 2007
hello! i posted before regarding the same issue cept now my budgets higher. im willing to spend up to 80 bux for a SILENT CPU fan that will handle my processor oced at 3ghz, or more if possible.

by the way, i know nothing about overclocking haha. i will learn later. i just wanna get a silent fan for now, and i want it to remain silent for when i overclock soon.

my basic computer specs...
4gb / ddr2 / 800 / ram
and the Eagle, Dragon Case,
nice & big to fit a big @$$ CPU Fan.

Any more information needed? pls ask! i just want a great fan, but i want it to be silent. i dunno much about prices, sound, and quality. im hungry to learn!



Jun 2, 2008
You can get the TRUE (Thermalright Ultimate Edition or known as the TRUE-120. It doesn't come with the fan. Buy a fan that is extremely quiet to complement the #1 air cooler.

Demonic Goldfish

Mar 31, 2008
I have a Tuniq Tower 120, comes with a fan controller and if you set the fan to minimum setting using said controller the heatsink is literally silent. How much you'll be able to overclock the chip while keeping it quiet depends a lot on your airflow and how worried you are about heat (I personally have it at a fairly quiet 1500 RPM, cooling an E8500@4.0GHz - it doesn't go about the high 50's during an hour of Orthos full load stress testing). For example, one of my mates keeps it on silent and he has an Antec 900 with a Q6600 @ 3.6GHz, gets 36C idle (not sure what he gets when it's on load). In all honesty, you don't see much difference in temps between low and high fan speeds on the Tuniq Tower 120. Well you might during an extreme OC.

And about overclocking, it's not as confusing as it sounds, don't be daunted :p Just keep an eye on your voltage and temps.
I too have the Tuniq Tower in both my primary PC and my HTPC. I tossed the included fans and installed Yate Loon fans ($5 each) which runs at full speed and they are very quiet.

I would have spent extra money to buy 120mm Noctua fans ($21 each), but since I had the spare Yate Loons I decicde to use them. Note, the Tuniq Tower comes with a fan controller, but it is not compatible with most 3rd party fans because the fan the comes with the Tuniq Tower has an extra wire to connect to the fan controller.

Yate Loon 120mm fan

Noctua NF-S12 120mm fan