Need RAM recommendations triple channel


It's an Intel X58 board - Asus P6T and my original memory is out of warranty, and after talking to my IT guy about my system freaking out last night, he thinks it's a problem related to the memory and not to anything else. So I'm thinking I'm gonna switch from the original configuration I have which is 12GB (6 x 2GB) to a 3 x 4GB configuration using DDR3 10666 (1333 MHz). The Crucial advisor tool suggests that I can run 1600 1.5 V, but I don't know how reliable that is.


Aug 3, 2011
You should figure out what the problem is before wasting your money and buying new RAM. Try pulling out all but one stick. If the problem doesn't go away on your first try, try another stick. If the problem goes away then at least one of the sticks of RAM is bad.

Anyways, the specs (according to newegg) say the motherboard is DDR3-1333.