Question Need recommendations to buy an SSS for my Laptop

Feb 17, 2019
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I've already posted a thread regarding the sluggish state of my laptop. I have a Dell Inspiron 5459 laptop that has 4gigs of Ram, 1 TB of hard disk and an i7 processor with Windows 10 OS. Though I thought that my loptop would actually perform good, but that's actually not happening. Starting from the boot-up time to the time taken to load applications and opening them, everything seems to be very slow. Meanwhile, I checked the task manager and found that the hard disk shows 100% (most of the storage space is left free through). I am assuming installing an SSD and moving the OS to the installed SSD will solve my problem. Please advise me if that's the right solution. Also suggest me some good SSD for my laptop. I already have 1 TB hard disk. I am not a heavy user of laptop. I just need my laptop to be as fast as possible for my daily normal usage and browsing. Suggestions from will be more helpful as I'm a resident of India.

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May 9, 2019
SSD for your OS is always a good call.
Another possible problem for your slow PC is the 4GB of RAM. When it boots, it probably already uses 3gb of RAM i suppose? When you start using your computer the 4GB won't be enough so it might start swapping. ( ==> Explanation what swapping is).

This process will also slwoer your computer speed.

So upgrading to 8 GB ram and 128-256 GB SSD Will be the best upgrade in my opinion.

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