Question need self storage in markham

Feb 7, 2021
We are renovating our office and have a lot of archived materials. We thought of decluttering and moving those materials to self-storage. So that we could get more space in our office. It will provide more office space for employees, which would increase productivity.
I researched and found lots of do's and don't for renting storage units but haven't finalized anything in particular. I need to know if the storage provides a moving truck to move the storage items to their facility?
Any help would be highly appreciated.
Apr 4, 2021
Depends what sort of archived materials you are talking about. If it's all just paper documents and such, you could scan them and store them in some computer readable format. Years ago I remember visiting a government facility that was busy scanning and archiving all their old documents onto laser disks. (yes yes it was a while ago ..... :) )

Rent a bigger office with a storage room for your archives?
Do you or your employees need to access the info in the archived material often?
Will you get shutdown by the fire dept. or building inspector because you have too much stuff cluttering up your office and becoming a hazard?
Are they sensitive documents that may have personal details or other sensitive info in them? (ie: security issues)

Forgive me for adding my rambling thoughts to the mix.

{GoofyOne's 2c worth}


I was turned on to this nugget some years ago.

Consider how much money it's worth to pay to store items that you never use. By and large, unless you are ONLY doing this to (say) paint the walls you will be paying some place money to hold things that you aren't accessing or using. You may think you will, and you MIGHT for a small while, but the hassle of dealing with off site storage will build up. In addition to paying for their space, you will pay and employee to go over there and hunt through it? Nah...