Question Need some advice on a new build


May 28, 2008
Hey guys,

Planning on putting together a new system , and need some advice. Its been awhile since i've had a gaming PC, but want to get back into it.

I was thinking of going with a budget system like a ryzen 2600 with RX580 and 16GB. I could probably enjoy titles like modern warfare at decent frame-rates @1080P

Then I started to think maybe I should be stepping up my game a little bit if I really want to enjoy it, and be competitive against the masses.

with that said, what would you suggest? I plan to stay at 1080P, but dont want any hangs or slowdowns in my game play. is there even any point to have a 144hz monitor with less then 144 fps?

So with that said to achieve 144fps in modern warefare @ 1080P should I be looking at more of a ryzen 2600 / 3600 with rx5700 type system? any suggestions?

I could go either way with intel or AMD - whatever is more cost effective, and at this point i think its AMD forsure.

Thanks for any help.
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For CPU if you are on a budget the Ryzen 2600 are on sale for like 120 USD which is a great deal.

For your GPU I would look at a GTX 1650 Super instead of a RX 580. Or in my opinion spend alittle more and get the GTX 1660 Super

If you want to step up a tier the RX 5700 or RXT 2060 Super both are good choices however the cards tend to beat one and another depending on the game.