Question Need some advice on ethernet and coax

May 5, 2020
Now that we're all staying at home I've run into some lagging when multiple people are streaming on my wifi network. I think my best solution is going to be to wire in some of the connections. So here's my challenge. I don't want to tear into my walls and ceilings to pull Cat5/6. I have an OnQ panel with coax connections to nearly each room(I don't use those cables) and a measly 3 ethernet rj45 cables.
My question is, could I run ethernet to that panel, connect it to a hub or switch and then put adapters on the coax cables to plug them into the same hub/switch? I believe that I would also need an adapter on the other end of the coax to plug into the rj45 plug on the smart tv or streaming device.
If you know more about this than me could you please let me know if this would work and what parts I would need?

I was thinking these adapters would work with an adapter for the BNC to male:,aps,174&sr=8-14

And a hub like this:
May 5, 2020
Thanks for the reply .

If I use those, would I need one pair for each coax connection? I'm picturing from the hub I would need a short Cat5 to the Moca adapter then the coax into the same adapter and then at the other end of each coax cable I'd need another adapter.

If that's correct then this is gonna get pricey really quickly. Is there a more economical option I haven't thought of?


Mar 16, 2013
You need one to connect to the router.
Then another one in each location you want the ethernet in.
Not pairs all over.

The one next to the router injects the signal into the coax wiring. The others extract it out to an ethernet signal.

This is assuming that all the coax is connected up.
Does anyone have a cheaper suggestion for me?
Moca is a solid solution for this and is pretty much the only one. You can only get 10Mbps over coax just using passive adapters and that's only in theory too.

This is why wiring for ethernet is the best solution because if you have a lot of points you want wired, moca does add up in cost.

Although you should check out the gocoax brand as they are cheaper and faster at 2.5Gbps of backbone bandwidth.