Need some advice on HDMI output (wired/wireless)


Jan 29, 2013
Hello all, I am brand new to the site as a user but have used the website for information many times, great source of info.

Here are my current system specs for my PC


12 gigs ram

1x 1tb hdd
1x 320gig hdd


500Watt Rosewill

Here is my goal for this project. I would like to be able to transmit high resolution video from my PC to my HDTV which has HDMI inputs. I really would not mind having a wired connection between my PC and my TV, but I face a problem right now. The problem is that for some reason, my current motherboard does not support dual monitor displays when using both DVI and HDMI. I have a 23" 1920x1200 computer monitor that I would like to use in conjunction with my TV as a dual display setup so I can continue to use the computer while streaming video on the other display. As it sits right now, I can only use dual display between VGA and HDMI rather than DVI and HDMI. I found that when using VGA for my computer monitor, the sharpness of the image dropped dramatically, so I do not want to run a VGA/HDMI setup.

I use this computer only for daily tasks, web browsing, video streaming etc, and NOT gaming, that's why I have been able to get away with using on board graphics all this time.

Ideally, I would like a very cost effective setup that would simply allow me to have dual display setup with DVI and HDMI output simultaneously. I would also like there to be audio output through the HDMI cable for sound through my TV if that is possible, but if it is not, it isn't a deal breaker.

My next question involves wireless HDMI transmission. I have been doing some research on some of the top units for this type of video transfer such as the Push2TV and similar devices. It seems the drawback to most of these devices is that it either A) only gives the option to clone the scree, not run as dual display, or B) the range/signal strength is lacking. Is there any unit that does this type of wireless transfer that allows dual display, has a simple USB dongle for laptops (not a big bulky transmitting unit), and is under $200?

My brother has Apple TV paired with his Macbook and it works flawlessly. He can simply press a button to wirelessly transmit his Macbook video to the TV as a dual display. This is the kind of functionality that I want with my Windows 7 notebook.

Thank you so much for any advice you may have.

I prefer to buy from Newegg but that is merely a preference and not a requirement. I do not plan on overclocking any components and have no preference as far as brand is concerned as long as it is a quality product.


Dec 7, 2011
I think your issue could be down to using the integrated gpu for dual screen setup. Hdmi & (DVI/Vga) should be fine (although I am not 100% sure). Does the VGA loose its sharpness when running in dual display mode only or even when its only on its own? VGA is still more than capable of giving clean crisp video so there is something up there. If I wanted a decent dual screen setup I would look into a dedicated gpu. Might be a little bit too much for integrated gpu (but again maybe someone else can confirm). Even an old type but high end AMD HD5000 series or GTX400 series second hand you would be looking at €100 range and maybe less. Might be worth it.

Start a new thread called "dual screen on integrated gpu". you may get your answer a bit quicker.

Also try VGA & DVI together and see if you are still getting same issues. Hdmi is a DVI cable that can also transmit sound. Video quality is the exact same.

Hope this helps somewhat.