Question Need some assistance with a build I did 2 years ago!

Oct 16, 2019
Hello! Fairly new to the computer building, but I ended up building a budget gaming system a few years ago. Everything was working absolutely perfect, until last night, my PC shut itself off. Few things I've noticed: when it shut down, it wouldn't power back up afterwards. Beforehand, I had noticed the USB slots on the motherboard side (i have 2x on my case as well) weren't working.
My mouse/keyboard have lights on them, and when I plugged them in to power on the system, they started flickering like mad, from one time per second, up to twice per second. I've tried jumping out the power button pins as well as swapping the wires on the case to make the system turn on from the reset button, essentially ruling out that it may be my case. I don't hear any lights at all, nor is my PSU fan running, but I have power going to it. Here's my setup, hopefully someone can shed some light!

Intel Core i5 7600k
Zotac GTX 1050 Ti Gfx
Gigabyte GA-D250M-DS3H motherboard
Samsung 960 Evo 250GB SSD
Corsair CX 450M PSU

I'm starting to believe it's either my mobo or the PSU, anyone have this happen? This mobo doesn't have any diagnostic lights, nor does it have a POST speaker.
Also, to note, when attempting to power on the system, there is a component on my motherboard which I believe to be the Intel B250 chipset. I notice that when nothing powering on, that thing gets fairly warm? Not sure if that's normal, as nothing is turning on.


Sep 25, 2019
If your PSU fan isn't spinning then that's the problem, your PSU is dead. Even if it was the mobo that's faulty, your PSU fan needs to spin or else it will die quickly and possibly harm your other components.


My thought is that the PSU is the likely culprit. Especially if the PSU is a "few" years old. With 3-4 years being a "few" to me.

If you have a multi-meter and know how to use it you may be able to test the actual voltages being produced.

However the testing is not complete in that the PSU is not under load. But one or more voltages out of spec will be good evidence that the PSU is at EOL (End of Life).

If necessary, find a knowledgeable family member or friend to help with the multimeter.
Oct 16, 2019
I have two types of multi meters, I do heating and air conditioning as a trade so i understand voltages to an extent. The issue with my PSU is there are no colored wires lol. So, when the PSU dies, I'm assuming nothing boots at all? When would I know if my mobo died?



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