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Aug 6, 2020
I've had the Yamaha MG10XU for some time now, and have always used it strictly for my microphone. My PC audio was not connected through the mixer, but through a 3.5 cable. Recently, I decided that I would take full advantage of the mixer and route my PC & PS4 audio to it through 1/4 line cables. Once I set this up, I realized that I can hear myself talking, and that's something I really don't want. I understand that some people prefer it, but because I stream on Twitch playing games, it's very distracting and I could never get used to my voice being mixed with game audio.

My audio setup is something like this currently:
PreSonus Preamp>Behringer Compressor>Yamaha MG10XU - I use an Audio Technica 2035 XLR microphone. Then, as stated previously, I now have my PC connected via 3.5>1/4 and PS4 connected via RCA>1/4. Everything works except I can hear myself.

The problem is that, based on what I've read, there's no way for me to turn off the microphone monitoring. I've messed with all the knobs, no luck.

I'm looking into another mixer, which I think should solve the problem. The Yamaha MG12XU. I'm not the most experienced when it comes to this sort of thing, so forgive me. But, my understanding is that I can set the microphone to 1-2 (grey button) and PC/PS4 to Stereo (red button), then turn the 1-2 all the way down and turn the stereo up. That should leave me with no mic audio, but still hear the PC/PS4.

Would really appreciate if anyone more knowledgeable can confirm this for me. I'd rather not spend close to $400 on a mixer if I'm just going to run into the same problem. Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

Current mixer:

Potential new mixer:
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