Question Need some help calculating a minimum PSU

Apr 10, 2021
Build, as of current date: (Yes, I know it's pretty obsolete, but I'll focus on upgrading when I get this current build running.

Case: Cougar MX-330
MBD: Asus Pro-Gamer B85(Old, I know, but was cheap)
CPU: I7-4770
RAM: 8x2 Team Elite(16gb total)
HDD: Hitachi 1TB, 7200 RPM.

Newegg calculator says that is a total of 480 Minimum, so would a 600W PSU be enough to make room for an eventual GPU? Not looking for a god-tier GPU, just something on the Oculus Link Minimum Requirements(Like the Radeon 1000-6000 series, or even something as simple as a GTX 980).


If the build works, forget about it being obsolete., If you were planning to drop in a discrete card for gaming with the latest titles titles in mind, then yes it's obsolete,. if it's for a work from home system, then no it's still got life left in it.

Use this chart to give you a baseline number for wattage;
then add some more for headroom. As for a PSU, you will also need a reliably built unit. I would shoot for a Seasonic unit or a Corsair (CX unit at the very least for the CX's).

What is your location, your preferred site for purchase and your budget for the PSU?
For a 980, should look for a 650w or above, preferably within Tier B...

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